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ETSI Consulting is a business coaching and advisory practice that is a little different from the rest..

As one of our clients said when introducing us a number of years back, “its not what they can do, it’s about what you need done.”


We have a combined professional experience of over 175 years of management and at senior level we offer you a team of professionals who can be your advisors and consultants for your project, to deliver what you need and want, whilst avoiding the pitfalls those less experienced would encounter.

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Thank you for taking your time to look through our material, We trust that in the near future you will see it as an investment in you, realising your goals and ambitions.


We offer a first meeting/consultation that has no cost and no obligation, to see if we can work with each other.


One of George's sayings is “if you have the courage to fail you automatically have the right to succeed”. Would you like the right to succeed?


Then how about we arrange for a no charge, no obligation meeting?

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