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ETSI Consulting is a business coaching and advisory practice that is a little different from the rest..

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As one of our clients said when introducing us a number of years back, “its not what they can do, it’s about what you need done.”


We have a combined professional experience of over 175 years of management and at senior level we offer you a team of professionals who can be your advisors and consultants for your project, to deliver what you need and want, whilst avoiding the pitfalls those less experienced would encounter.

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After previously getting assistance from a few organisations and not getting the desired business outcomes, we engaged Eric to grow our business and to improve our profit & cash flow.

Eric has been working as part of our team and using his holistic approach to implement his proven methodology to grow and improve our business and using these we have improved our revenue, profit and cash flow enormously in a short time frame, as well as having the satisfaction of winning business awards. For business owners who seriously want to lift the business to the next level we would recommend Eric to partner you for the rewarding journey.

Alistair Robertson

Managing Director of 32 Degrees Building Pty Ltd

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