ETSI Business Forum

How to Combat COVID-19 Pragmatically

There has been too much doom and gloom talk about COVID-19 and not enough practical solutions offered to SMEs.

The 22nd April Business Forum will be an online Zoom meeting, Eric Tjoeng and George Mavros will deliver and facilitate real actionable and practical ideas and information to help your business through this tough time.


Eric Tjoeng, the CEO of Business Growth and Exit Specialists will cover:

  • How to adapt, sustain and possibly grow your business during this challenging time

  • Sustainable strategies and cash flow management ideas


George Mavros, the CEO of ETSI Consulting will cover:

  • Mindset and the importance of it, especially in tough times

  • Where to look for silver linings on grey clouds – looking for opportunistic sales

  • How to manage your customer and staff relationships

Both presenters will be offering assistance through FREE – NO OBLIGATION consultations for all attendees, to combat COVID-19.


Eric will be offering free I hour one on one Zoom consultation on your business – How to best COMBAT COVID-19 and come up even stronger. 


George will be offering free 1 hour Zoom consultation on YOUR business – YOUR sales and marketing questions and Your client and staff relationship questions.

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--- Presenter Profiles ---

Eric Tjoeng's passion is to help businesses achieve their goals by being part of the team. He brings in independent views and expertise to complement the SME team, to produce exceptional cost-effective outcomes. Eric is a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders and a Certified Practicing Accountant.

Strategically focused, being innovative, knowing the critical business drivers/numbers and smarter/more efficient way of running a business through sound leadership and teamwork are hallmarks of his holistic and pragmatic approach in helping business owners to achieve exceptional results.

His experience, knowledge and fresh thinking in crisis management, business continuity and recovery will be valuable in combating COVID-19.

George Mavros has regularly been referred to as “the man with many hats”.


Some of his more notable successes are the successful launch of WD40, Armor All and Barilla Pastas & Spaghetti to the Grocery industry. Managing Director of GP ARTLINE SALES PTY LTD, the NSW distribution company for ARTLINE marking pens and part of the National Sales and Marketing team for ARTLINE in Australia.

He has worked with over 400 companies and trained thousands of sales and business people in strategic selling and other business related soft skill training.