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How to sell ANYTHING professionally ! Be it product, service or concept

Do you have a product or service, a thought, concept or a point of view? Are you an employer or an employee? Do you need to be able to communicate in business with others? Are you a sole trader, do you run an SME or large company ?


FACT: If you can not sell you can not communicate and or negotiate to have the best success!

FACT: If you are not selling strategically you may be trying to sell the wrong thing to the wrong people at the wrong time for the wrong reason!


Strategic selling has you in the right place at the right time, for the right reason. Meaning you make sales that keep moving you forward in your goals and planned future. Without a strategy, you are the cork bobbing in the ocean - and sometimes you will get a good current and sometimes not; either way you will not be in control of your future.


So why should you attend if your Role does not include that of Salesperson?

In business if you can sell you are able to communicate and negotiate at all levels !!


Strategic Sales Training

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  • Some of the topics covered are:


    Strategic Sales Techniques:


    • The sales process – start to finish
    • Prospecting
    • Building a territory or client base
    • Features and benefits and the difference between them
    • Handling objections
    • MAVROS—strategic decision making
    • The theory of 10 – 7
    • The art of Qualifying clients
    • Controlling the presentation with Questions
    • Closing the sale


    It’s not just about learning skills, its also about Mindset !


    Mindset Topics covered:


    • You don’t have to be aggressive to be assertive
    • Building the dam before you pray for rain
    • Have the courage to Fail,  you earn the right to succeed
    • Little Stories –BIG Lessons